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Related article: Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:47:49 +0000 (GMT) From: Steve Rose Subject: ADVENTURE to CRETE 9DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.ADVENTURE TO CRETE - 9While the others rested, Rudi worked hard in the editing suite. He was surrounded by an array of tapes and sophisticated equipment. He worked steadily and was able to add new pieces to the existing master tape that he had been working on for the past few days. The project had to be finished by the time the others joined him for dinner that evening and Rudi would not let them down. If necessary he would use Panos and George again as he had done the previous day or he might call in one of his fellow technicians and get the job finished that way.Meanwhile the others rested until the late afternoon. Six naked bodies lay sprawled across the studio floor some cocks were soft; some semi-hard but no one was particularly anxious to start a new round of sexual frolicking, preferring instead to save themselves for the evening's activities. Most chose to doze or talk quietly until it was time to leave. As George had received no further word from Rudi he assumed that all was well at his end of the operation and, seeing the others were now well rested, he decided it was time to move on."OK I hope you are all ready for the evening. Get dressed quickly. Soon we will go to eat and then we will go on to our own special club for the rest of the night", said George to the other five.Nick noticed that Rudi had disappeared and asked George where he was. George reassured Nick that all was well and explained that Rudi had had to go to do some work but would join them later for the meal. Nick nodded and slipped on his T-shirt and speedos, pulling on his shorts last. The others were similarly casually dressed in shorts and T-shirts, except for George who, as usual, wore tight jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, When everyone was ready George led the way to the two cars. The group divided evenly between the two vehicles with Nick and Constantin joining Panos and Dimitri and Jason in George's car. The two cars sped off away from the coast and were soon climbing up into the mountains. Suddenly the car in front, driven by George, turned right and drove up a very narrow and steep lane and then stopped. Panos following close behind also stopped and the two cars emptied of their passengers. To Nick they seemed to be in the middle of nowhere but almost immediately he saw, nestling under the overhand, a small cluster of houses and a Taverna. George led the way down a steep sloping path and they group were soon sitting at the Taverna waiting the arrival of the food that George had ordered specially for the occasion.The group were very much enjoying the first course of their meal but there was still no sign of Rudi and Nick was beginning to feel concerned. He wondered where the Dutch lad could be. He was about to ask George again where Rudi was when the sound of the Dutch teen's scooter was clearly heard coming to the brow of the hill overlooking the cluster of houses. Moments later, a smiling Rudi joined the group. He spoke softly to George who smiled broadly and then went to find a place at the table. Nick was disappointed that Rudi could not sit next to him but was too busy eating to really worry about it. The food was excellent and so were the drinks. The service was not all that fast so they had time in between the arrival of each new dish to chat or, in the case of Nick, fondled the cock of the person next to him. This turned out to be Panos who was more than happy to squeeze Nick's rock hard cock and have his own equally hard cock fondled in return. Neither lad was interested in cumming but the pleasant glow of gentle sexual arousal was very satisfying. Nick and Panos were certain that others were also indulging in similar activities even Rudi, sat next to Jason had a satisfied look and smile on his face as he eat quickly attempting to catch up with the other diners.As the meal went on being served for quite a long time and as the time passed the sexual tension among the group began to rise. Fondling and squeezing of cocks continued but at a more intense rate than before. Panos and Nick were really hard and both feared that they might lose a load before they left the table. Panos indicated this to Nick who nodded his agreement. George had picked up on the rising tension suddenly got up from the table and announced that it was time for them to move on to the last destination of the evening. George led the way back up to where the cars were and again the group divided into the two vehicles. Rudi left his scooter and joined Jason and Dimitri in the first car with George while Panos, Constantin and Nick took the second. George led the way back to the main road and then they sped off again deeper into the mountains. In the first car Rudi and Jason were sitting in the back seats happily exploring each other's body and in the front Dimitri was stroking George's cock as well as his own. All four of the dicks in the car were oozing pre-cum and soon several hands were well greased with the slick liquid. There was a similar situation in the second car. Constantin and Panos sat either side of Nick in the front seats. All three had their cocks out and were gently playing with each other and smearing pre-cum over each other's cock heads and their Preteens Preteens Nymphets fingers. In less than ten minutes the two cars had arrived at an isolated spot with just one building close by. All seven passengers alighted from the cars and none made any attempt to cover up their hard dicks as they walked towards the building. At the entrance George indicated that they should remove all their clothing and leave them in the lockers, a proposal that was greeted with universal approval by the rest of the group. Once naked the large group of seven horny males pushed through the outer doors and entered the building proper.The sight that greeted the group was amazing, especially for Nick. On Preteens Preteens Nymphets each wall of the large room they were in there was a giant screen and beaming out at them was Nick's face. Beneath the face was the caption "Adventure to Crete". As he entered the room Nick was applauded by those dozen or so men and teens already there. George beamed at Nick and said,"These are all here to see your debut video, Nick. I'm sure several of them will want to have more 'in depth' chats with you later but first, the video itself."The wall screens began to flicker but slowly the story of Nick's holiday in Crete began to unfold. Pictures of the arrival at the airport, registering at the hotel and sightseeing were inter-cut with shots of Nick's sexual adventures over the previous week. Nick now realised what Rudi had been up to all afternoon and what Panos and George had been doing several days before. It was the best kind of holiday video he could have hoped to have! There were loud cheers and claps from the audience during certain of the more exciting of the sequences and Nick could feel his cock throb with excitement as he re-lived several of the incidents. When the video finished, several of the audience rushed up to congratulate all the group, but particularly Nick, for their performances and the part they had each played in making the movie possible. One young person in particular took Nick's eye and it was clear the feeling was reciprocated.Nick slid away from the group and moved in on the teenager standing slightly away from the group. The new boy was very fair and was slim with a nice body and good legs. Nick could also see the beautiful curve of the teen's arse cheeks, which were perfectly formed. The only bit he could not see clearly was the young man's dick but he would soon remedy that! Nick came up beside the stranger and said,"Hello, I guess you know I'm Nick. What's your name?""I am Hans", came the reply. "I am a cousin of Rudi's."Nick smiled warmly at Hans and moved his hand onto the hard erection that the Dutch boy was sporting. Like Rudi, Hans was circumcised and Nick felt the velvety spongy softness of the exposed head as he ran his fingers over the Dutch teen's prick. Hans responded by feeling up Nick's hard cock and soon the two horny tens were deeply engrossed in giving each other mutual pleasure. Others from Nick's group and the audience gathered round to watch the pair as their mutual pleasure giving developed. Hans lay Nick down on the ground and then knelt over him so that both faces were aligned with the other's dick. Nick eagerly swallowed the Dutch teen's cock head between his lips and licked his piss slit that was oozing pre-cum; Hans took the whole of Nick's cock deep into his throat in one swift movement. All around them people were beginning to join in the fun. Nick could just see Rudi and Jason a few feet away in a similar position to himself and Hans. A couple of strangers were not far away; one already preparing to fuck his partner's winking arse hole. All around the room was heaving with sex and preparations for sex. Nick was at the heart of a room full of men and teenagers indulging in what they liked best. A few were involved in fucking; the majority in sucking and a tiny number were indulging in mutual masturbation. Dicks of every shape and size were at full erection, the majority of them uncut but a few like Rudi and Hans were cut. The air in the room was filled with the sighs and sounds of sexual indulgence.Nick could hear much of what was going on and could see some of it but he really wanted to concentrate on his new partner. He continued to nibble down the shaft of Hans' prick until he reached the young Dutchman's balls. Hans meanwhile was running his lips and tongue up and down Nick's cock, pulling his loose foreskin backwards and forwards over the ridge at the base of Nick's cock head. Nick was in heaven but his moment of pleasure was suddenly shattered when Hans pulled his mouth off the English teen's cock. As he did so, Hans said to Nick,"Don't panic, I want to sit on your cock and ride you whilst you continue to play with my prick. I love having a cock to ride and I hope others will join us. I know Rudi likes it too, don't you Rudi?"Rudi a few feet away nodded and followed his cousin's example and began his preparations to ride Jason's cock. Meanwhile the rest of Nick's friends had got closer to him and he could now see clearly Panos standing close behind Constantin and George close behind Dimitri. Panos and George were getting ready to fuck their partners. Other strangers were also involved in various sexual acts but Nick could not see them so clearly, nor did he care, as he was more interested in his immediate circle of friends.By now Hans had settled himself on Nick's flat stomach and was edging slowly backwards towards his target. Hans smiled down at Nick as he lifted his perfectly rounded cheeks so Preteens Preteens Nymphets that they were positioned directly above the English teenager's rampant, well-lubed cock. Nick felt the head of his cock make contact with the tight opening to Hans' love channel and then, within a second, he felt his head pop through and inside the Dutch teen's waiting hole. Hans controlled the pace with which he slid his arse down towards Nick's thighs, savouring the feeling of the English boy's cock as it invaded in insides. Very soon Nick felt Hans' cheeks resting on his lap and knew that he was fully lodged inside. As Nick reached forward to squeeze and fondle Hans' hard prick, the Dutch teen began to lift off his cock until only the head was still inside him. Then he plunged back down again slightly faster than the first time. Hans repeated this exercise several times each time increasing the speed and friction on Nick's cock and intensifying the pleasure by squeezing his arse muscles as tightly round the shaft as he could. Nick began to thrust up to meet the downward thrusts from Hans and the two were soon working in harmony as they each sought to pleasure the other to the greatest extent. Nick wondered whether he could take Hans' prick in his mouth if he leaned forward Preteens Preteens Nymphets but found the angle uncomfortable and the speed of Hans' thrusts too fast to enable him to gain any real hold. Instead, nick lay back and watched as Hans rode up and down on his cock. >From the angle Nick was looking, Hans' prick looked as though it might be an extension of himself. Hans smiled down at Nick as both teens knew that very soon they would be firing their hot jizz. As he struggled to sit up a little, Nick smiled back and was suddenly aware of something hard nudging his cheek. As he looked round Nick saw the end of Constantin's cock close to his face so he turned and took the offered erect cock into his mouths. Constantin was being pushed forward by the constant fucking motion from Panos who was fiercely ploughing his arse. Had he been able to look round he would have seen that only a few feet away Jason was also eagerly swallowing Dimitri's cock as the Greek ten was being impaled on George's manhood.Constantin was gasping for breath even before Nick took his cock down his throat and it was clear that he was fast approaching the point of no return. Panos increased the speed and depth of his strokes from behind and Nick slurped up and down Constantin's throbbing cock shaft. All too soon Constantin let out a scream of pleasure as his cock began to spurt his ball cream and Nick greedily gobbled it up. The tasty cream sent a thrill through Nick's body and started deep within him the process that would lead to his own climax. Sensing this to be the case, Hans began to slowly ride the cock inside him, teasing Nick still further in an effort to increase the sensation of what would be a great orgasm. Nick's balls were tightening and the tingling sensation that preceded the spunk up his shaft was getting stronger. Nick thrust up inside Hans as far as he could go and felt his cock throb violently and then shoot his cum deep inside the Dutch teen's shut. Hans squeezed Nick's cock as tightly as he could so that both could feel the sensation of Nick's orgasm. The effort of tensing his body to receive Nick's love tribute led to Hans' own violent spraying of creamy cum all over Nick. With yet another high pitched scream of pleasured ecstasy as Hans shot his more than adequate load, cum covered the horny English teenager's face and chest with little rivers of creamy white cum. Panos was the last of this group to cum but he was only a second behind Hans. Panos fired his love juice deep inside Constantin's tight arse, coating his bowels with his pearly spunk. Panos was by far the loudest of the group screaming and shouting as his orgasm overtook him.Slightly to one side of his own group, Nick knew that Jason and the remaining friends from Crete were acting out a similar scene. Among that group, Jason was the first to cum but by the time Nick's quartet had begun to come down from their Preteens Preteens Nymphets ecstatic state, Jason, George, Rudi and Dimitri had also passed their orgasmic height and were beginning to relax. The room was filled with the sounds of people reaching their climax and others coming down from that glorious moment. The air was filled with the smell of sex and spunk as dicks all round the room deposited cum into or onto partners. Nick had never had such an experience of being in a group all of whom were single-mindedly involved in sexual pleasure. He knew that this had indeed been the greatest day and night of his life. He was present at an orgy and one that had been at least in part stimulated by a video of his own experiences in Crete.Nick had no idea of the time but was certain that it was now late and that he would be leaving Crete soon and had yet to pack. George the hotel manager knew this too and so he was reluctantly preparing to drag himself and the others away from the building. When all in the room appeared to have had at least one satisfying cum, George clapped his hands loudly and spoke,"First of all thank you for cumminmg!! I hope you have enjoyed tonight as much as I have!! I also want to thank Rudi for his technical expertise in getting the video on a form for us all to watch. However, above all I want to thank Nick for providing us with such good - no I mean hot - material to work with."The whole room erupted into clapping and cheering as George continued,"Now it is my pleasure to bring the night to a close by presenting the 'star' of the video, Nick, with his own personal copy in the hope that he will be able to watch it very often and recall many happy memories of his adventure in Crete."Nick was pushed forward but was so overwhelmed with the occasion that all he could do was to smile and nod a brief "thank you" as he walked away back into the crowd.The journey back to the hotel was something of an anti climax but like all good things Nick knew even this would have to come to an end. Looking at the time when they got back, Nick realised he had only a few hours left in Crete. He tumbled into bed and slept fitfully for a few hours before being wakened by his father's persistent knocking on the door. Nick packed hurriedly making sure that the video was well hidden but accessible. Then he joined his family for breakfast. As they checked out of the hotel to catch the coach to the airport, George came to see them off."I hope that you have all had a good time here in Crete and that you will come back again to see us.""Very pleasant indeed, we all enjoyed it thank you", replied Nick's father."Absolutely fabulous. I hope to be back really soon", said Nick and George winked at him in a conspiratorial manner.As they boarded the coach Nick saw all his new friends gathered in a small group waiting to wave 'goodbye'. George joined the group and seven hands were waving as the coach left the hotel car park on the short journey to the airport.The flight home seemed to go very quickly and Nick slept much of the way. He awoke just as the plane was preparing to land back in London. As he thought back he wondered what he would tell Chris, his best friend, first when they met later in the day. Then a sudden thought occurred, had what he thought really all happened or had he imagined it all? The taxi home got caught in traffic but he was soon able to get to his room and there to his relief was the video. Nick went to the phone and retired to his room where he telephoned Chris. Chris heard his best friend's voice and said,"Welcome home, Nick!! I've missed you! How was the holiday?"Nick replied,"Are you alone? I hope so as I want to come over and tell you all about my holiday to Crete."Having discovered that Chris was indeed alone, Chris slipped Preteens Preteens Nymphets the video into his pocket and, having told his parents that he was off to catch up with his best friend, cycled the short distance to the other house. Once inside, Nick hugged Chris but before they went any further Nick produced the video and Chris soon learnt all about Nick's adventures in Crete.THE ENDHope you liked the story. If so, please let me know
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